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Darko Horvat’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1989 in Slovenia, establishing him early on as a prominent figure in Europe.

In the early ’90s, Darko’s pioneering initiatives included starting new businesses in the region and entering joint ventures with established international corporations and financial institutions.

When he founded and built Slovenia’s largest regulated privatisation fund management company, he also made a public commitment to guarantee an exit to all investors in his closed-end investment funds. 

Horvat studied for a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana and earned an MBA from Clemson University. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa and a Young Global Leader Award from WEF Davos.

Darko’s commitment to assuring an exit to all investors in closed-end investment funds manifested in his investment management integrity, when he initiated public take-over bids and a court-regulated buyback process of minority retail investors. This activity ensured the exit and payouts of over EUR 150 million to all of his retail investors (over 120,000), setting an unparalleled example in Slovenia to date.

He passionately supported and invested in the development and education of the younger generation by sponsoring MBA studies and facilitating continuous executive education. Over 100 Slovenians graduated from an MBA programme offered by IIBS, a joint venture created by Darko along with a consortium of 13 American universities. As a result, they rapidly ascended the professional ladder and became a new generation of business talent in a modern business education-starved economy.

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His investment in continuous executive education and the introduction of innovative, state-of-the-art managerial concepts, in collaboration with leading business schools and their professors, generated significant value creation across his investment portfolio and led to induction into the BSC Hall of Fame by Kaplan and Norton from Harvard University.

Darko’s work has not only significantly and positively impacted Slovenia’s economic landscape but is an example of how his contributions helped the country accelerate the transition to a market economy during the early 90s. His entrepreneurship and multi-business activities established him as one of Slovenia’s most successful serial entrepreneurs, excelling as a critical thinker and key figure in the country’s new economic development.

Venturing into the global arena in 1995, Darko forayed into high-tech sectors spanning Israel, Europe, Asia and the USA. His strategic prowess shaped pivotal exits in tech, conglomerates, financial services, pharma companies, and many other industrial sector-defining, cross-border M&A transactions.

Presently, Darko’s proactive investment strategy focuses on buying businesses that mainly fall into high-tech, Industry 4.0, and special situations across Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.

His ongoing emphasis on human capital translates into partnerships with talented individuals and teams, fostering value creation through innovation and entrepreneurship.

With over 3 decades of experience, Darko Horvat’s journey is characterised by multibillion-dollar transactions, global recognition, and an unwavering commitment to charitable causes. During his career, Darko has left an indelible imprint on industries and communities globally through his leadership and contributions to boards and committees of private and public companies, financial institutions and organisations.